Current Administrators

  • Fully Active - These are the best users to contact when you need an Administrator. They log on and edit every day, for most of the day, every day.
  • Partially Active - These users log on most of the time. These users are good to contact but not for emergancies. You should contact a Fully Active person for an emergency.
  • Inactive - Do not contact these users. They do not log on at all. They will be demoted soon. Whether or not they will keep their rights is currently being discussed.
  • Away - These users are currently away. (e.g. on vacation.), and their temporary inactivity has been excused.
  • Demoted - These users have been demoted and if they are still on the list, they will be removed very soon.

Administrator name Signature prototype Time zone Bureaucrat? E-mail Status
Happy65 ~Happy65 Talk My Amazing Blogs ! GMT +1 (BST) England Yes None Fully Active
Bongo9911 None GMT -5 (EST) USA No None Near Fully Active

Request here if you are intrested in being an admin. You will need at least 50 edits to become an admin.

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