As this wiki grows mostly likely will the number of hackers. Here are some tips to avoid hackers.

Keep your account safe

Make sure when a large hacker outbreak occurs to stay of the wiki as much as possible. Also, frequintley change your password. This will decrease risks of being hacked and blocked.

Save Pages

In order to keep the wiki's articles at a acceptable level, we must promote worthy editors to rollbacks. If you are a rollback and you see a spammed article, Please revert it back! That is a rollback's duty! If you are not a rollback hit the the Administration button on the left-hand side of the page and hit "Request for administration"!

Alert others

When you notice a large outbreak of vandalisms,pease alert our Webmasters! They can probably block most vandalizers.

Watch out for...

Some baddies on the wikis include Walrus and possibly Ben. A hacker may have many sockpuppets (other accounts). Do not befriend them unless they swear change!

Please keep safe and edit hard! ~Teltu

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